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Birankai North America maintains a process for assessing, evaluating, and recognizing the proficiency of members, by means of promotion examinations and the award of Kyu and Dan grade ranks.  Promotion tests must be conducted by a certified Birankai North America instructor who is authorized to grade to the rank being tested, or a Birankai North America examination committee comprised of instructors that meet the established requirements. For members transferring from outside of Birankai, BNA recognizes all dan grades issued by Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

A student will generally test for kyu rank at his or her home dojo. Kyu rank promotions should be recorded on the online BNA dojo roster as soon as possible after the promotion is awarded. There is no fee for registering kyu ranks; however, on being awarded the rank of 5th kyu, students should be registered with Birankai (if they have not already done so) and acquire a Birankai passport (record of promotion and seminar attendance) from their dojo.

Read this excerpt from a 1997 article on promotion, written by T. K. Chiba Sensei.


Birankai North America also maintains a process for the assessment, evaluation, and certification of instructors, and recognizes three levels of instructor certification:  Fukushidoin (assistant instructor), Shidoin (instructor) and Shihan (master instructor).  Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for instructor certification are assessed by means of a certification exam, and are required to demonstrate their ongoing proficiency through periodic re-certification tests, to maintain their instructor certification. 

For application forms and information on BNA procedures for instructor certification, please contact the Teachers’ Council Secretary.


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