Dan and Fukushidoin/Shidoin Registration

Registering Dan Ranks with Hombu Dojo

Please note that Hombu Dojo no longer accepts forms filled in by hand. Please fill out the form(s) online, print hardcopy(s), and mail the completed form(s) with appropriate payment to the Birankai registrar. For shodan registrations, please fill out all three forms. For other ranks, please fill out the "Hombu application for dan grades" form only. Make sure form(s) are complete and signed by the candidate and examiner as necessary. Please read and follow the instructions on the forms carefully. To confirm payment amounts, please consult your chief instructor or contact the Birankai Registrar. Checks are made payable to Birankai North America.

Note: Registration forms are not available while we work with Hombu Dojo to revise the forms. We expect new forms to be available in early 2016. Please speak with your chief instructor or contact the registrar if you need additional information.

Registering Dan and Fukushidoin Promotions with Birankai
The following fillable PDF form is used to apply for dan and teaching promotions prior to testing. If passed, this form will automatically serve as your registration. In all other cases, use this form to register your dan and teaching promotions. For testing, provide this form and $20 test fee to your testing administrator. For dan tests, please also provide a $30 registration fee to your testing administrator, which will be returned in full if asked to try again. Otherwise, for Dan registrations send this form and the $30 Dan registration payment to the BirankaiRegistrar, or for Teachers' Certifications send form to Teacher's Council Secretary (TC secretary will provide further instructions uponreceipt.) Checks are made payable to Birankai North America.
*note: for testing at Summer Camps please follow directions that are sent out to chief instructors immediately preceding each Summer Camp.

BirankaiNA Application and Registration Form

Addresses and Contact Information
Birankai Registrar

  Deb Pastors
  Birankai Registrar
  619 N Ridgeland Ave
  Oak Park, IL 60302

  Questions: BNAregistrar@gmail.com, 708-848-6258

Teacherís Council Secretary
  Roo Heins
  6300 Ravens Roost Lane
  Traverse City, MI 49684

  Questions: tcsecretary@gmail.com

Forms for testing at BNA Summer Camp (prior to test)

The following are the online Test Application Forms, processed by the Teachers' Council secretary in advance of summer camp