Birankai North America: Values, Mission, and Vision
Values:These are what Birankai Aikidoka commonly hold as our core beliefs.
Vision:This is what Birankai as an organization sees as its desired state and reason for being.
Mission:This describes the scope of on-going activities that Birankai engages in to realize its vision according to its values.



Aikido training leads to personal transformations. Relentless and rigorous pursuit of this training, in an inclusive and nurturing environment of mutual respect, maximizes this transformation process. The inclusion of complimentary traditions such as Iaido and Zen meditation practices in our training also maximize this transformation process. These transformations result in positive impacts on our lives, relationships and communities. For example: overall health, a better understanding of how our actions affect others, an enhanced sense of personal responsibility, and a connectedness to the world around us.


Birankai North America (BNA) is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting quality instruction and practice of the martial ways of Aikido. To ensure continued access to quality training programs sponsored by BNA and offered in affiliated dojos (schools) across North America, BNA: